Me Time. Just For Me

It's taken me many years to not feel guilty about taking some ME TIME.

It is one of the healthiest things that you can do for yourself and for those you love and care for.

Me's precious and it's for every BODY.

What Everyone Is Saying About Me time. Just For me.

"...when new Melbourne label Me Time. Just For Me. sent me these cool tees, I had to jump onboard, 'cause they share my views about how important it is that women take some time out of their busy lives for themselves, and not feel guilty about it!"

- Anna Mac 

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We were thrilled to be featured on MamaMia recently!

It's not everyday you wake up to the news that a national media outlet is sharing your story!

Read how it all began for Me Time. Just For Me. founder Sue Brabender HERE

"These Me Time. tops keep being swiped out of my office because everyone wants them - the tops and the me time obv."

- Mia Freedman 

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