Me Time. Infinite Healing Heart White Light Protection Spray 100ml

Designer: Me Time. Just For Me

White Light Protection Spray 100ml
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Me Time. has joined with Infinite Healing Heart to bring you our White LIght Protection Spray with Sacred White Sage.

This magical spray will give you protection from any negative energy as it forms a natural protective shield.

It is important to protect your energy. Often we are in situations that may find our energy depleted or we are drained of our energy as other people, places or situations affect us.

Generously, mist yourself, your loved ones, your crystals, your home & your car to remove negative energies, entities, thoughts, emotions and bad luck.

Each bottle is set with Intention, blessed by Prayer, charged with Crystals & Reiki, and sealed with Love.

This divine mist helps to raise your vibration as it uplifts your soul and gives clarity to your mind.

Lovingly made in small batches, every essential oil, crystal, and element has been chosen with the intention of protecting & uplifting your energy.

Ingredients; essential oils, sacred white sage, crystals of Black Tourmaline and Clear Quartz, 100% natural and handmade with magic 💫

Purchase on its own or add our Me Time. Cleansing Kit. 

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