Me Time | Self Care Movement | Melbourne

Me Time founder Sue Brabender - the self care movement


I created Me Time. for me and for you.

Why? Because I burned out.

I was working 60 hours a week for someone else. I was feeling guilty about neglecting my hubby Peter, about not picking up my daughter Summer from school and about not being present to listen to my son Charlie.

Working for a big corporation like Nike can be exhilarating and rewarding, sure. And I worked hard for them. I had to, because for 9 years I was a single parent and as the old saying goes "you do what you gotta do".

But what I couldn't do was breathe. There was zero time to focus inward and I was becoming dissatisfied and exhausted; work suffered, my family suffered, I suffered.

In the midst of what felt like a manic existence, I lost someone very dear to me and that forced me to stop and think about what was truly important. 
And what I discovered was that I was important. That I couldn't be my best self for the people I cared about, because I wasn't being my best self for me.

This new self-awareness brought healing; through natural therapies, through yoga and through giving myself time.

And now? Now there is balance. And a motivation to share my experiences and inspire and encourage you to take make space for yourself and not feel guilty about taking some Me Time. 
To know that you are occasion enough to light a candle; that you should, and can, show the world what you're doing by proudly wearing your intention!

Thank you for coming on this journey of self care with me.

Me Time. Just For Me.