muMEcations is all about self-care for Mums; recognising the importance of taking time out from “Mum-duties” to make health, wellbeing and happiness a priority.
muMEcations offers indulgent, affordable and coordinated weekend getaways for women to take time out from their Mum-duties to relax, connect with friends, be pampered and enjoy ME-time.
Unlike usual health retreats, we encourage wine, cocktails and sleeping in…you won’t see any 6am yoga activities on our getaways!

Next Getaways:

Geelong, VIC
NOV 5 - 7, 2021
2 nights from $780 pp
9 inclusions


Tahini Balls
If you are feeling blah & reaching for the comfort snacks, it is always handy to have some nutritious & importantly, delicious snacks in the fridge.
Since my first visit to Gwinganna nearly 10 years ago, these Tahini Balls have been my go-to when stocking up on healthy treats. They are perfect for mid-morning with your cuppa, hubby packs one in his lunch and my mini devours them.
Here is the recipe for you to try at home.

1/2 cup hulled tahini
1/2 cup honey
1/2 cup dessicated coconut plus extra to roll in
1/2 cup LSA (ground linseed, sunflower seeds & almonds)
1 cup chopped dried fruits (whatever is in the cupboard..figs, apricots, cranberries, sultanas)
1/4 cup raw almonds soaked & chopped (I soak for about an hour)
Mix all ingredients in a bowl to a firm consistency.
Roll into balls & lightly toss in coconut.
It should make 20 balls and need to be stored in the fridge.
If you are counting your calories, they are approx 110.
Give them a go & tag me in your pics.⠀

Katrina Andrew has 25 years corporate experience across multiple service based industries.
When she was pregnant with twins, she knew she had to explore an alternate avenue to the 50 hour corporate grind, & one where she could work a business around her 3 kids under 3.
Ask & you shall receive!
A friend introduced her to Arbonne & she thought it was the perfect opportunity to jump into! A low risk business where she could build an asset around her young family, from home & help people make healthy beauty & wellness choices – without compromising performance.
She started 10 years years ago & with a lot of hard work & consistency of effort, was able to replace her corporate income after 18 months. Flexibility & family time are the greatest gifts this business has given her, plus the personal development.

Prior to starting Arbonne, Katrina & her family were struggling financially after a failed business venture that didn’t go to plan. The emotions of embarrassment & shame attached to the experience. Thanks to the growth & mentorship within Arbonne, she has moved from victim mindset, to “victor mindset” & loves helping others do the same.
As an example of the growth & transformation – Katrina used to suffer anxiety when public speaking, In 2019 she was given the opportunity to speak on stage in front of 18,000 people at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas – & LOVED it! A significant point in her journey, reflecting transformation is possible for all! Katrina and her family love travel & adventure.
Over the course of the last 10 years, her family have been able to enjoy 13 international trips & explore many different cultures.
They love helping people be healthy & happy. 

This event has been postponed due to restrictions. A new date will be announced shortly.

Globally renowned authenticity coach and creator of #ZeroFks, Kat John is bringing her passion and skills to the people of Bendigo!

SHINE + RISE!... and get ready to step into your TRUE & AUTHENTIC self.
If you’re in a place right now where you know deep down that you’re just not yourself & you are striving for a greater life of happiness, & being 100% true to deepest self, this space is for you.
During this mindful morning, Kat will help you give zerofks to the limiting beliefs that keep you cycling in the same thoughts, feelings & patterned behaviours, so you can channel your focus into being your true self.
Join us as we ask you to invest in yourself.
Here is what you can expect:
10am:       30 minute yoga session hosted by local goddess Maddie Caliparri (VIP only)
10:30am: Ms Kat John will share from her own personal experiences to bring out your
                  higher conciousness & delve deep into what you REALLY want out of your life.
12pm:       A light lunch supplied with a selection of local & homegrown delicious produce
Other:      Kezia Manning Massage will be on hand all day to offer free neck & back   
1pm:.         Event Concludes


"Cherie is an award winning digital marketer, who is passionate about the difference best practice social media marketing can do for businesses and organisations–big and small.

What’s more? Her proven track record of bringing significantly increased social engagement, community growth and transforming social accounts, now sees her directing the most talented team of social media marketing professionals via her Melbourne-based digital marketing agency, The Digital Picnic."

`Check out their latest offering, "Lunch & Learn". The most affordable & productive hour you will ever spend.


Coming out of the spiritual closet was the most challenging thing that Clair Hill  has had to face, however her passion for empowering Spiritual people to live their lives in the most authentic way was her guiding light.

Being a certified Louise Hay Teacher, Psychic Medium, Theta, Reiki a Crystal Healing Practitioner, Clair will teach you how to align with your higher self so you can be the truest expression of your soul.Using Spiritual Philosophies based on teachings by Louise Hay, Wayne Dyer, Eckhart Tolle, Gabby Bernstein and Rebecca Campbell, Clair will guide you &  help to introduce new habits, thought patterns and beliefs that will support you in getting the life you want.

Believing energy is everything, she will show you how to work with your own to help resolve your deepest issues, create boundaries and a killer mindset where you get to choose how you live your life! If you trust, believe, surrender and show up and do the work, anything is possible.

Holly is a communications specialist, writer, and an unabashed Word Nerd.

She spends her days working with a varied mix of clients, including people with small businesses and consultancies, leaders within organisations to develop their thought leadership profile and large not-for-profits and corporations.

She provides creative and powerful communications strategies and professional writing services to help people to tell their story and use beautiful communications to grow their brand.

When not writing up a storm, you’ll find Holly reading, hiking and worshipping at the temple that is her Australian Shepherd.


FINANCE IN HEELS is a boutique finance consulting business specialising in providing tailored finance solutions for women.We know you’re busy, so we take the stress out of banking and work with you to come up with tailored financial strategies for you, for your family and for your business.

Need a Home Loan, an Investment Property a new car or a Helicopter, we have you covered and most importantly, we work for you, not a bank!


Julie Doyle inspires, motivates and mentors businesses and business owners on how to step their businesses up to standout from the noise and create greater reach with better internal systems. With a diverse background in business and numbers.

Julie will bring you to the table to look at your business in ways you have never done before and work with you to go beyond surviving - to thriving and succeeding with your eyes wide open.

'Having just completed Julie's Survive to Thrive Workshop, I can personally vouch for how much Julie's influence & guidance has helped me move forward with my business.'
- Sue, Me Time. Just For Me