Confidence & Motivation Essential Oil Spray

Designer: Me Time. Just For Me

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Me Time. is very excited to be stocking these amazing Myles Gray Crystal Infused oils.

The Confidence & Motivation Oil will help you see your purpose. It will give you the energy you need to see yourself as the powerful, incredible person you were born to be. 

A few sprays before a meeting, or just because, is all you need to feel more powerful, confident and motivated.


The Carnelian crystal will help to increase your confidence, help you see your worth and ignite a fire within your soul for achievement. 


Sweet yet fresh and fruity - Geranium Essential Oil is full of vibrance. Most similar to our Vous Pouvez candle fragrance, not identical but very similar fragrance families. 


Geranium Essential Oil helps to stabilise anger, depression, irritability, and all forms of roller-coaster emotions – working with the Carnelian crystal spraying this oil into the air with stimulate your brain to feel more confident, less stressed and trusting your intuition a little more than normal – thus increasing your confidence and motivation.


Distilled Water, Geranium Bourbon Essential Oil, Certified Organic Witch Hazel Alcohol Extract.


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