Hey Tiger Chocolate 85gm

Designer: Me Time. Just For Me

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So you're ordering a Me Time. Gift Box and you want to add something a little extra? Look no further, add a bar of this delicious Hey Tiger Chocolate and the recipient will be your bestie forever!

Glitter KittenBirthday Cake Crumb. Happy Happy Joy Joy! Addictive birthday cake crumb and rainbow sprinkles. Bring on the balloons and party hats - this kitten wants to celebrate!

Fairy Wings - Fairy Bread. Vegan Milk Chocolate

Best Mates - Coconut & Caramelised Popcorn. Crying over Rachel and Ross from Friends, celebrating big wins, sending funny cat memes that only you two understand? They mean nothing without your best mate. With this bar we celebrate the most awesomeness of human inventions - friendships. Whether they're your high school BFF, your office wife or your lover, best mates are forever — although this delicious bar won’t last longer than 5 seconds.

The Weekend - Caramel & Cracker Crumb Dark Milk Chocolate. It’s the weekend and you're ready for it. Dark milk, a hint of caramel and the crunch of cracker crumb. Dive into the best bar around. 

Summer In The City -Peanut Butter & Pretzel Milk Chocolate. Peanut butter whipped into milk chocolate and crowned with crazy good pretzel praline and crushed roasted peanuts. A bar inspired by The City That Never Sleeps. 

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