Me Time. Cleansing Kit

Designer: Me Time. Just For Me

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Me Time. is all about providing tools for you to stop, take a breath & have some Me Time. The products that we bring to you, are those that we use ourselves.

Cleansing your surrounds is a perfect way to lift the energy in your home, office or even your person. It will get rid of any negative or bad energy and help to ground you.

The Cleansing Kit compromises three key items to successfully cleanse your home (or office). Complete with easy to follow instructions you will become a cleansing pro in no time, ridding your home of any negative or heavy energy. 

Our Cleansing Kit contains:

Sage Bundle
Selenite Wand
Palo Santo Stick

Add a beautiful Myles Gray Crystal Infused Candle, a Me Time Gift Box and you have yourself a unique gift for someone special.

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